Consider These Key Details before Hiring a Janitorial Service Provider

Consider These Key Details before Hiring a Janitorial Service Provider

The facilities maintenance industry is a competitive one and it brings its own challenges for both service providers and customers. The most common yet crucial ones include meeting tight schedules, cost control, and team management.

From the customer’s perspective, there are some significant considerations before hiring a professional janitorial service provider for their facility. When exploring facilities maintenance alternatives, you must remember that your service provider should be reliable and must be skilled to ensure your operations continue to run seamlessly. Other key factors to take into consideration before hiring a janitorial service provider are listed below:

Tailored Solutions

It is important to note that companies offering standardized solutions to all customers will prove to be incompetent in meeting the distinctive demands of your business and its facility. It is therefore essential to partner with a business that generates customized solutions which are unique from customer to customer.

Customer Retention Rate

Potential customers typically think that a large customer base is a good measure of achievement for a janitorial company’s success. While this may be true, knowing the level of customer retention the business maintains is equally crucial. Companies with a powerful industry reputation such as Environmental Service Systems can demonstrate their success with a high customer retention rate of more than 90%. This is an accomplishment that reflects the operational capacity of the service provider as well as its ability to continue successful relations with its B2B customers.


Relevant certification such as CIMS-GB highlight the company’s compliance with comprehensive standards of performance. For example, Environmental Service Systems holds the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard – Green Building criteria (CIMS-GB) with Honors. This certification is a useful tool to ensure successfully outsourcing with the right strategic partner that can deliver quality solutions consistently.

Insurance Protection

In addition to its ability to satisfy all of the above significant components, ESS also offers insurance security to its customers. This is an important consideration for customers because their business will not only be covered for property damage but also remain compliant for workplace related regulations.

To learn more about the services provided by Environmental Service Systems, contact us here and our representatives will talk to you about our capabilities to create tailored alternatives to meet your facilities maintenance needs.