Supplier Diversity: Why Should It Matter To You

Supplier Diversity: Why Should It Matter To You

Facilities maintenance is a growing market with new opportunities for both service providers and customers. An increasing number of companies look out for fresh possibilities to extend their dedication to promote diversity. Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) that work passionately to maintain workforce diversity are determined to create a sustainable and equal-opportunity environment. On the other side, customers are partnering with minority-owned facility maintenance companies to better represent the community in which they operate and be more supportive towards diversity and inclusion. By opting for supplier diversity, these customers have a value-added supply chain with benefits like low operating costs and better revenues.

Businesses have begun to understand that their diversity spend is more than a quota to comply with and has real advantages for their company. With this perspective in mind, they come up with ways of implementing diversity in their company. Among these strategies, companies commonly integrate diversity through service outsourcing. For instance, outsourcing facility maintenance solutions to dedicated and certified MBEs such as Environmental Service Systems.

Supplier diversity in facility maintenance is also known to deliver flexibility in meeting customer requirements within their budget. Companies like ESS offer custom solutions with low-cost plans and less restrictive alternatives. These outsourced solutions also make it possible to work with a staff with diverse backgrounds as well as a wide range of abilities, skills, and talent.

It is equally important to note that potential customers seeking to create an inclusive work environment have a corporate culture that is open to diversity. Quite often, it is hard to find service providers with a strongly similar or highly comparable culture but this becomes possible when you hire a diverse service provider. When customers outsource facilities maintenance services to minority-owned companies such as ESS, they find an alignment between company cultures and values for diversity and inclusion at workplace. As a result, these companies build a long-standing partnership.

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