How a Facilities Maintenance Partner Can Support Your Re-Entry Plan

How a Facilities Maintenance Partner Can Support Your Re-Entry Plan
How a Facilities Maintenance Partner Can Support Your Re-Entry Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the business landscape, bringing about necessary and most likely permanent changes in how they operate. As more and more businesses realize that workplaces have changed forever, expectations of bringing back normalcy in 2021 are not the same as they were at the start of the pandemic last year. Since the last few months, however, things are changing for the better. On the one hand, there is hope for successful vaccines and on the other, businesses are recovering from the initial alarming consequences of the abrupt shutdown in early 2020. At the same time, businesses have used ample time to formulate response strategies to meet the challenges of business re-entry in safe and productive ways.

As the COVID-19 pandemic still continues, businesses are re-entering the market with new plans and SOPs to ensure that their employees and all other individuals visiting their facility are safe from any potential health risks. While most of the plans focus on steps that business owners and employees have to follow, it has become equally important to revisit the facilities cleaning and maintenance schedule as well. The pre-Covid 19 facilities maintenance practices will no longer be adequate for any business in any industry. In fact, enhanced cleaning practices must be combined with routine disinfecting plan at a more frequent schedule than ever before. Consequently, it is more important than ever before to work with a professional facilities maintenance to fulfill each of the new requirements. An experienced facilities maintenance partner can deliver general facilities maintenance services along with COVID-19 specific deep cleaning and disinfecting solutions that adhere with the public health guidelines recommended by experts. Reopening businesses after outsourcing the cleaning, disinfecting, and maintenance requirements to a professional company can help in the following key areas:

  • Formulate a detailed plan to minimize safety and health risk, focus on preventing infection spread, and contingency plan in case of an outbreak
  • Reliably source, use, and dispose effective PPE
  • Analyze the facility and develop a plan for integrated services to facilitate coordinating with a single vendor for most requirements
  • Re-evaluate previous cleaning schedules and enhance them according the facility’s environment, scope of work, operations, number of visitors, peak hours, and so on
  • Trained on-ground team to perform the required services and respond to risks of biohazards in the workplace
  • Pre-disinfecting to ensure safe return to work for all employees

Environmental Service Systems assigns fully trained and skilled team members to each account with a new framework for enhanced deep cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Contact us today to learn more about tailored solutions to support your business re-entry plan.