Service Delivery and Safety Culture in Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance

Service Delivery and Safety Culture in Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance
Service Delivery and Safety Culture in Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance

Professional cleaning and facilities maintenance services are essential for all types of commercial facilities and industries including automotive, corporate headquarters, retail, educational institutions, technology, industrial manufacturing, and many more. While they are important for all types of businesses, the cleaning and maintenance services involve different types of risks and hazards for the on-ground employees. Exposure to harmful chemicals, potential injury from using specific equipment, slips and falls are only a few of the many hazards they face. However, most service providers establish a sound safety policy to help prevent accidents and injuries on the job.

While a safety policy is important, there are some facilities maintenance service providers that not only implement safety policies, but work with a safety culture across all levels of the company. A positive culture of safety and service quality ensures that all employees work with the same values. Safety in facilities maintenance companies means:

  • Ensuring compliance with safety laws
  • Reducing costs of compensating employees
  • Enhancing productivity and service quality standards
  • Preventing workplace accidents and injuries

The most important component of the safety culture is the detailed safety training program designed by the service provider. Without comprehensive training on all relevant safety topics, it will not be possible to predict, prepare, and plan for every type of possible hazard or emergency. Adequate employee training on safety protocols is essential for all on-ground cleaning and maintenance staff to demonstrate commitment and effort to workplace safety for themselves as well as everyone around them.

Environmental Service Systems acknowledges the high degree of risk for all valued team members, and ensures that they are trained and equipped to operate safely while helping customers to establish and maintain a safe and clean environment at all times. Contact us today to learn more about our safety programs, training, and action plans.