Concrete Care: How Routine Upkeep Extends the Concrete Flooring Lifetime

Concrete Care: How Routine Upkeep Extends the Concrete Flooring Lifetime
Concrete Care: How Routine Upkeep Extends the Concrete Flooring Lifetime

A growing number of commercial facilities are choosing concrete over VCT tiles, leading to two main aspects of the evolution of concrete flooring. On the one hand, concrete floors are no longer confined to heavy labor areas and backend operations such as industrial plants, warehouses, driveways, basements, etc. Simultaneously, concrete flooring now has new and enhanced appearance, as well as versatile options for different color shades and patterns.

The most preferred reasons for choosing concrete flooring include:

  • High durability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Low maintenance requirement

While these benefits make the investment worthwhile, it is equally crucial to grasp the key concepts of concrete floor maintenance practices in order to preserve the sheen and protect the investment made. The easy and low maintenance requirements are often misunderstood for no-maintenance for concrete floors, when in reality, different finishes require different cleaning protocols and a routine maintenance program can keep the floors in good shape in the long run. Despite the strength and durability these floors possess, it is undoubtedly in the best interest of commercial facilities to protect their investment by implementing an effective and routine maintenance program for concrete floors.

  • Polished concrete flooring has similar upkeep requirements as that of polished marble, mainly in terms of the highly abrasive pads and diamond-abrasive grits used for a luster.
  • Wear and tear caused over time due to footfall, shopping carts, forklifts etc. results in indentations and scratches. The micro-scratches also accumulate dust, dirt, debris, and grime that wears down the luster of polished concrete floors.
  • Concrete is porous which is why oil and other chemical stains can lead to deterioration while regular cleaning can stop the harmful substances from seeping into the surface.

On the contrary, a professionally managed facilities maintenance program that includes protocols for cleaning and maintaining concrete floors can ensure long lasting reflective luster without dirt buildup, grime, stains, and other corrosive elements. Similarly, the life of the diamond polish can also be extended through an effective maintenance program with appropriate frequencies. With experience in floor cleaning and maintenance for diverse range of customers, ESS recommends 3 to 7 times of weekly floor cleaning and monthly to quarterly polishing with our Diamond-pad floor scrubbers. After evaluating the insufficient results of restoring polished concrete floors every one to two years, it turns out that the delayed approach results in higher costs while a specialist program for floor care by ESS can maintain the luster and appeal of polished concrete floor with long-term cost savings. The highly trained on-ground professionals deliver reliable services including nightly scrubbing and mopping to prevent unwanted residue. The team executes a regimented maintenance program for polished concrete floors with exceptional and measurable quality standards. To learn more about the cost efficiency of routine concrete floor maintenance through a professional service partner, please don’t hesitate to contact Environmental Service Systems today!