Training Programs

Training Programs

The ESS Training Programs cover an extensive range of topics that help increase confidence and knowledge, boost employee morale, promote workplace safety, and improve productivity. Our Orientation Training for all new employees includes the written training material on all rules and regulations, teamwork enhancing exercises, job requirements for specific assignment, safety and security measures, and all fundamentals of working as an ESS team member. We also conduct follow-up and On-the-Job training sessions year round for employees to further grow and develop while improving their performance.

Our supervisors implement a variety of training techniques to achieve best results in terms of helping the employees reach their full potential. Some of these techniques include but are not limited to the following:

Simulation Training – Employees learn processes to apply in a wide variety of cleaning situations that may occur at their job site.

Job Rotation – ESS supervisors plan Job Rotation for employees that leads to multiple skill development, greater engagement levels, and higher motivation.

On-the-Job Training – With focus on increasing job efficiency, ESS provides continuous on-the-job training to reduce the off-site training time, observe immediate productivity outcome, enhance expertise specific to each employee’s job assignment, and engage employees with real-time communication and feedback.

Training at Environmental Service Systems is an on-going process that allows our employees to grow and remain competitive while delivering quality services.