For over 20 years, we have been providing QUALITY FACILITIES MAINTENANCE SERVICES across the United States.
Industrial / Manufacturing
Your manufacturing facility is where the magic happens and an idea transforms into reality. Environmental Service Systems brings a rich history of servicing substantial industrial facilities. We maintain tens of millions of square feet every day and consistently exceed performance standards while adhering to sophisticated regulations and challenging conditions.
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Environmental Service Systems maintains a number of automotive manufacturing and parts plants throughout the United States.  We understand the impact our services have on your company’s bottom line and focus on providing industry safety training and specialty cleaning services to accommodate the industry’s ever-changing needs.
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Corporate Headquarters
Environmental Service Systems has over two decades of experience maintaining a wide range of commercial and office buildings, including the headquarters of the country's leading Fortune 500 companies.
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Environmental Service Systems' team of qualified, background-checked professionals will give you peace of mind knowing that your facility is clean, secure, and ready for business.
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Energy Facilities
With an industry-leading safety record, Environmental Service Systems has been serving the facility maintenance needs of energy facilities for 20 years and understands the unique requirements of the industry.
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Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
Consistent cleaning is a crucial part of the overall health of your facility and your team. That's why it's important to count on Environmental Service Systems to create a customized maintenance program that meets the needs of your facility and solves the cleaning challenges you've faced in the past.
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With over 20 years of experience in delivering commercial and specialty maintenance services for data centers, clean rooms, telecommunications facilities, laboratories as well as research and development centers, we understand the special care and extensive attention to detail these facilities require daily.
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We have the experience and resources to provide top-quality service to the nation's leading retailers.
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We are preparing a cleaner workplace for tomorrow. Tell us about your facility maintenance needs today!

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